For General Practice Dentistry, you can find Dr. Stanleigh at

For Orofacial Pain/TMJ Dysfunction exams, diagnosis and treatment, you can book appointments to see Dr. Stanleigh at

Dr. Stanleigh has studied with some of the best clinicians, researchers and educators around the world. For Orofacial Pain and TMJ Dysfunction, his approach is primarily based on starting with a removeable, reversible, non-drug (oral or injected), multi-disciplinary team approach to diagnosis and treatment using objective measurements as taught by Dr. Clayton Chan at With over 4000 patients examined and treated over the past 20 years, we work hard to identify the underlying reason for pain to find a path for recovery and long term stability.

For Dr. Stanleigh’s Speaking, Consulting, Coaching, Training business, you can find him at or

For Dr. Stanleigh’s Sports Performance Mouthguards, the Agility Guard, you can find more information at

Athletes fitted by Dr. Stanleigh’s Gneuromuscular approach have won 10 Olympic Medals including Gold in Summer and Winter Games. Ask us how we can help improve your sports performance while protecting your teeth and jaws, as well as reducing the incidence and severity of concussions and CTE prevention.

For Dr. Stanleigh’s Voice Acting you can find him at

The comedy podcast, No Shirt, No Shoes, Pants Optional is available for free on iTunes and everywhere you find your favourite podcasts.

For the Graphic Novel project USNA: The United States of North America, you can get more information here



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