I am happy to announce that after a lengthy absence I am resuming my career by joining Dr. Jan Jaffer and his colleagues at TREC Dental in the Wildwood Dental Clinic. This new 3000 square foot facility will allow me to provide dental care at the highest level that I can achieve.

I will be working closely with Dr. Linda Geng. Dr. Geng is a fellow University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry graduate, just like me and Dr. Roy Rasmussen. Her philosophy of treatment and patient care mirrors mine very well. Also joining me is a team you will quickly find to be familiar and we will all be ready and able to welcome patients to our new dental home.

I will be starting to see patients (dental and dental hygiene) starting on Monday January 15, 2018. The clinic will not be able to start booking any patients with me until Tuesday January 9, 2018. Free underground parking is available at the clinic and the bus stops right outside the door. Clinic hours,The phone number and address is on the website link below.

My focus will be primarily in the field of Orofacial Pain and TMJ Dysfunction from trauma, with a boutique General Dentistry practice designed to support it.

And that is not all. Not only will we have a dental practice designed to honor and care for our team (the women I am privileged to work with) and our patients (who I am privileged to examine, treat and serve) but TREC Dental has a strong social conscience and the concepts of using our abundance to support the wider community (locally, nationally and internationally) is strong and resonates well with me and my family.

I am excited to be resuming my career and look forward to a wonderful 2018.

Additionally, the Restrictions to Advertising as unreasonably interpreted and unequally enforced by the Alberta Dental Association and College is currently being challenged in the Courts as part of a Class Action lawsuit. I am the lead plaintiff but there are many of my colleagues who are supporting this effort. It is our opinion that the Draconian measures implemented are creating real harm to the General Public due to the lack of the public’s ability to gather relevant information easily and inexpensively, about the dental treatment providers they may wish to trust their oral healthcare with. Stay tuned for this as well.

Stay connected on the Social Media links below and more information will be revealed when I have them available.



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